As friends, bandmates, business partners, we have spent most of our lives creating together. Whether it was making records, touring, publishing books, forming music companies; we’ve lived by our wits and to the beat of our own drum.

Most of our time has been spent around the Hollywood Hills area. Our families enjoying good times together; which of course includes great coffee, spirits, food and friends.

Following our creative instincts, we became interested in making our own drinks to go with the communal meals. From the beginning we’ve been obsessed with great coffee, so a natural thought was to create our own coffee drink.

With this idea, we started hand-brewing small batches seasonally for friends and family. The growing demand led us to bring our own hand-crafted coffee liqueur – made with hjerte – to the world. Laurel Canyon Spirits, and our Black Hjerte Coffee Liqueur, was born.

A family recipe in every sense of the word, our Black Hjerte is still small batch and handmade. We distill a 100% California Corn vodka, use Peet’s Coffee beans pressed wicked strong, and add the finest locally sourced sugars and spices.

Our Black Hjerte shines as a muse to help craft distinctive cocktails. It’s also great straight up over ice.

We hope Black Hjerte Coffee Liqueur becomes as much a part of your good times as it has ours.

Bryan Turcotte/Nathan Ehrenfeld
Laurel Canyon Spirits