Two families intertwined through a lifetime of friendship. We’ve spent decades creating and building together. In studios making records, touring and performing live, building an award-winning music production company, curating art and cultural events all over the world and ultimately diving into hand crafted distilling rooted in the creative free-thinking heart of Los Angeles. We’ve lived by our wits and to the beat of our own drum – together. 
Over twenty years ago Bryan and Dayna Turcotte starting making a family recipe French press coffee liqueur in their kitchen, using collected vintage bottles for gifting to friends. In November 2002, after buying their first house in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon neighborhood, a 100-foot sycamore tree fell on their new home leading the house-poor couple to make a batch of their coffee liqueur as gifts for friends and family over the holidays. This started a tradition. 
Word of mouth and growing demand for the liqueur sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in Tammy and Nathan Ehrenfeld to suggest bringing the hand-crafted coffee liqueur to the world. As with everything we have done, it needed to come from the hjerte (heart), be made with hjerte and shared to the word with hjerte. In 2019 Laurel Canyon Spirits was created and our Black Hjerte Coffee Liqueur was born.
We decided to make ground up California products, by hand from scratch. We distill a California corn sipping vodka, made with yellow dent corn from the Sacramento Valley. Our White Hjerte Vodka is small batch, super smooth and clean, but full of character with notes of vanilla and crème brûlée.
A version of our White Hjerte Vodka serves as the base for all of our coffee liqueur products. The ORIGINAL Turcotte family recipe of Black Hjerte Coffee Liqueur uses Peet’s coffee that’s hand ground and French pressed to a wicked strong brew, the finest locally sourced honey, brown sugar and real vanilla bean. It’s balanced deep flavor unfolds in layers.

We make barrel aged versions of our Black Hjerte in used American Oak Bourbon barrels. Barrel Aged Black Hjerte delivers a unique, complex and smokey flavor with deep notes of coffee, caramel, chocolate and sweet bourbon.  In addition to the classic Barrel Aged Black Hjerte, we released a limited-edition Blood Orange Barrel Aged Black Hjerte. It’s Christmas in a bottle.
The newest addition to our line is Cold Black Hjerte. Crafted with a proprietary in-house cold brew method, our Cold Black Hjerte is extremely coffee forward, earthy from Sumatra beans, versatile, and fully delicious. 
All of our spirits are made to be enjoyed straight up, or as a muse for your favorite cocktails.
We hope our spirits become as much a part of your good times as they have ours.

The Ehrenfeld and Turcotte families